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Hole 1

A view from behind the green!


Hole 7

A view from behind the tee box!


Hole 3

A few from the fairway bunker!


Date: 2019-06-08

194 scores recorded

Scores for 2019-06-08

Doug BaileyPar13+4Medway GC
Guido DepoiPar23+4Medway GC
Glenn DisneyPar16+3Medway GC
Kai BrooksPar18+3Medway GC
Ernie LobartoloPar11+3Medway GC
Peter RowanPar8+2Medway GC
Craig ParsonsPar10+2Medway GC
Thomas NgoPar9+2Medway GC
Ash CappPar21+2Medway GC
Darryl BallPar7+2Medway GC
Greg CrowePar7+2Medway GC
Graeme HarrisonPar12+1Medway GC
Glenn JefferyPar8+1Medway GC
Michael HannaPar18+1Medway GC
Harrison MullerPar12+1Medway GC
Tony DuvnjakPar6+1Medway GC
George HarrisonPar27+1Medway GC
Ross MckenziePar12+1Medway GC
James MargaritiPar9+1Medway GC
Arthur DamolisPar4+1Medway GC
Tony GuarnacciaPar14+1Medway GC
Dave WoodPar14+1Medway GC
John FolanPar100Medway GC
Rod GrievePar80Medway GC
Andrew SimeonidisPar130Medway GC
Tom ByrnePar190Medway GC
Gary KirkPar170Medway GC
Sebastian GuglieminoPar30Medway GC
Ian SchaferPar70Medway GC
Corey NixonPar10Medway GC
Lachie AtkinsPar150Medway GC
Enshan HooiPar50Medway GC
Robert KotlegaPar170Medway GC
Garry NixonPar300Medway GC
John BirneyPar360Medway GC
Les BlankPar170Medway GC
David ShawPar8-1Medway GC
Adrien CataniaPar14-1Medway GC
Damian GaylorPar15-1Medway GC
Adrian RodriguezPar2-1Medway GC
Peter ColePar15-1Medway GC
James ManiatisPar13-1Medway GC
Andrew DrakePar9-1Medway GC
Kel BerminghamPar10-1Medway GC
Peter HallPar4-1Medway GC
Andy BowringPar11-1Medway GC
Kevin KirchnerPar19-1Medway GC
Geoff DodgshunPar6-1Medway GC
Maree RyanPar11-1Medway GC
Wally HaddadPar12-2Medway GC
Greg GregoryPar13-2Medway GC
Mario SuracePar14-2Medway GC
Paul ZappullaPar26-2Medway GC
Phillip MarinucciPar16-2Medway GC
Chris MortonPar13-2Medway GC
Chris BiffinPar4-2Medway GC
Mike VellaPar16-2Medway GC
Don RoderPar10-2Medway GC
Chris TripodiPar12-2Medway GC
Anthony BrownPar15-2Medway GC
Doug BrownPar4-2Medway GC
Harry O'NeillPar16-2Medway GC
Brian LynchPar6-2Medway GC
John McmillanPar11-2Medway GC
Luke RyanPar18-2Medway GC
Marro KimPar17-2Medway GC
Roy GarroPar18-2Medway GC
Mark EganPar12-2Medway GC
Jaime RonquilloPar18-2Medway GC
Neville SpratlingPar19-2Medway GC
Jeff MesserPar12-2Medway GC
Seabil LeongPar31-2Medway GC
Harry TamPar21-3Medway GC
Tony ShearerPar2-3Medway GC
John TaylorPar8-3Medway GC
Michael IbrahimPar10-3Medway GC
Andrew KnoxPar7-3Medway GC
Ken HutchinsonPar34-3Medway GC
Joe MackenziePar6-3Medway GC
Robert SzwajPar27-3Medway GC
Jack MackenziePar5-3Medway GC
John DamolisPar8-3Medway GC
Bob BlackmorePar24-3Medway GC
Enio SantilliPar11-3Medway GC
John SicariPar9-3Medway GC
Simon ElliottPar9-3Medway GC
Max JepsenPar17-3Medway GC
Lance NutterPar10-3Medway GC
Nick TuddenhamPar1-3Medway GC
Vince RoccisanoPar20-3Medway GC
David MasochPar22-3Medway GC
Matthew TofingaPar13-3Medway GC
John BeyerPar17-4Medway GC
Dragi TrajkovskiPar8-4Medway GC
Frank AdamsPar12-4Medway GC
Matt DonnellyPar28-4Medway GC
Richard BrownPar13-4Medway GC
Steve FaulknerPar13-4Medway GC
Navindhu GunasekaraPar5-4Medway GC
Greg BrockPar11-4Medway GC
Syd GustPar14-4Medway GC
Scott MackenziePar9-4Medway GC
Harry BeslisPar10-4Medway GC
Patrick AlilovicPar9-4Medway GC
Trevor BreuerPar12-4Medway GC
Graham CopePar12-4Medway GC
Peter SmithPar15-4Medway GC
John BolwellPar13-4Medway GC
Matt McIntyrePar10-4Medway GC
Stephen BuckleyPar6-4Medway GC
Michael RyanPar17-4Medway GC
Alex ManzellaPar10-4Medway GC
Paddy BradyPar12-4Medway GC
Maurice GiammarcoPar13-4Medway GC
Rudi RodriguezPar9-4Medway GC
Aaron PartridgePar3-4Medway GC
Michael FinniganPar8-4Medway GC
Carly TrinhPar32-4Medway GC
Carol McmillanPar11-4Medway GC
Shane Hollway Par7-5Medway GC
Michael CharalambousPar8-5Medway GC
Graham MillsPar15-5Medway GC
George ShegedynPar16-5Medway GC
Michael RyanPar7-5Medway GC
Andrew StephensonPar23-5Medway GC
Peter TripodiPar14-5Medway GC
George KokotPar12-5Medway GC
Drago KrajinaPar11-5Medway GC
Ian KennedyPar32-5Medway GC
John GriffithsPar17-5Medway GC
Brent BullenPar22-5Medway GC
Paul SchwartzPar4-5Medway GC
Glenn FatturPar18-5Medway GC
Shane HeatherPar23-5Medway GC
Alan GhossaniPar12-5Medway GC
Charlie SalloumPar12-5Medway GC
John MiddletonPar20-5Medway GC
Ryan O'KeefePar17-5Medway GC
Jordan SmithPar4-5Medway GC
Glenn EarlPar21-6Medway GC
Broome ShawPar15-6Medway GC
Stephen MoloneyPar8-6Medway GC
Corben LeongPar11-6Medway GC
Rick HorwoodPar7-6Medway GC
Leigh CrowtherPar14-6Medway GC
Warren NasonPar3-6Medway GC
Ian DavisonPar9-6Medway GC
Mike ChambersPar8-6Medway GC
Michael WalkerPar27-6Medway GC
Gary BlakePar17-6Medway GC
Neil WhitePar25-6Medway GC
John LaPar24-6Medway GC
Justin MacfarlanePar17-6Medway GC
Wally DayPar28-6Medway GC
Fiona MullenPar21-6Medway GC
Gabrielle KeatingPar22-6Medway GC
James SummerhillPar15-7Medway GC
Tom MackenziePar10-7Medway GC
Robert SummerhillPar5-7Medway GC
Kear CheaPar9-7Medway GC
Ray GribustsPar3-7Medway GC
Chris LoeligerPar10-7Medway GC
Angus HendersonPar22-7Medway GC
Andrew EllisPar13-7Medway GC
Brendan FlynnPar7-7Medway GC
George CarasavidisPar3-7Medway GC
Jarvis BiffinPar8-8Medway GC
Darren AndersonPar16-8Medway GC
Noel PearcePar23-8Medway GC
Ray HutchisonPar20-8Medway GC
Greg BastianPar7-8Medway GC
Jacob NgoPar5-8Medway GC
Ron FletcherPar27-8Medway GC
Harry WeaverPar4-8Medway GC
Paul BraybrookePar6-8Medway GC
Clem WebsterPar18-8Medway GC
Adrian MagazzuPar12-8Medway GC
Boris BrainiPar11-8Medway GC
Colin GreyPar15-8Medway GC
Allen HamillPar20-8Medway GC
Aileen MackenziePar16-8Medway GC
Leonie JohnsonPar18-8Medway GC
David ThirlwallPar7-9Medway GC
Chris LunnayPar10-9Medway GC
Henry SilisPar9-9Medway GC
Andy KimPar19-9Medway GC
Stacie GullPar21-9Medway GC
Brian ParkPar13-10Medway GC
Stanley JamesPar27-10Medway GC
Ben DysonPar8-10Medway GC
Peter StevensPar17-10Medway GC
Brian DeePar11-10Medway GC
David Coughlan Par20-11Medway GC
Vince MargaritiPar17-12Medway GC