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Hole 1

A view from behind the green!


Hole 7

A view from behind the tee box!


Hole 3

A few from the fairway bunker!


Date: 2019-06-29

114 scores recorded

Scores for 2019-06-29

Glenn DisneyPar15+4Medway GC
Syd GustPar14+3Medway GC
Richie McgrathPar21+1Medway GC
David ShawPar8+1Medway GC
Thomas NgoPar8+1Medway GC
Vico ChungPar16+1Medway GC
Darren AndersonPar160Medway GC
Andrew EllisPar130Medway GC
George HarrisonPar260Medway GC
Kel BerminghamPar110Medway GC
James MargaritiPar80Medway GC
Peter ColePar150Medway GC
Jack MackenziePar6-1Medway GC
Ian DavisonPar10-1Medway GC
Boris BrainiPar11-1Medway GC
Dragi TrajkovskiPar8-1Medway GC
Hanh TranPar35-1Medway GC
Maurice GiammarcoPar13-1Medway GC
John SicariPar10-1Medway GC
Glenn JefferyPar8-1Medway GC
Michael RyanPar17-1Medway GC
Aileen MackenziePar16-1Medway GC
Mick GoodiePar17-1Medway GC
Graham StusserPar14-1Medway GC
Rod GrievePar8-1Medway GC
Darren ReidPar14-2Medway GC
Harry TamPar21-2Medway GC
Andrew SimeonidisPar14-2Medway GC
Ross MckenziePar11-2Medway GC
Joseph MagazzuPar23-2Medway GC
James ManiatisPar13-2Medway GC
Chris MortonPar12-2Medway GC
Lachie AtkinsPar15-3Medway GC
Ron FletcherPar28-3Medway GC
Nathan RoylancePar22-3Medway GC
Bob BlackmorePar24-3Medway GC
Mike ChambersPar8-3Medway GC
Graeme HarrisonPar13-3Medway GC
Andy BowringPar11-3Medway GC
Greg BrockPar11-3Medway GC
Charlie RoylancePar26-3Medway GC
Sebastian GuglieminoPar3-3Medway GC
Carly TrinhPar30-3Medway GC
Alex SwanssonPar18-3Medway GC
Jeff MesserPar12-3Medway GC
Ray HutchisonPar20-4Medway GC
Frank AdamsPar12-4Medway GC
Vince RoccisanoPar20-4Medway GC
Graham MillsPar16-4Medway GC
Scott MackenziePar10-4Medway GC
William MatthewsPar6-4Medway GC
Paul ZappullaPar26-4Medway GC
Julian BartuccaPar4-4Medway GC
Corey NixonPar2-4Medway GC
Robert KotlegaPar18-4Medway GC
Harry O'NeillPar17-4Medway GC
Dave WoodPar12-5Medway GC
Ross WuchatschPar10-5Medway GC
Glen JustinPar10-5Medway GC
Tony ShearerPar3-5Medway GC
Harry BeslisPar10-5Medway GC
Glenn EarlPar20-5Medway GC
Paddy BradyPar12-5Medway GC
Doug BaileyPar12-5Medway GC
Nick TuddenhamPar2-5Medway GC
Jacob NgoPar7-5Medway GC
Clem WebsterPar19-5Medway GC
George KokotPar12-5Medway GC
Adrien CataniaPar15-5Medway GC
Garry NixonPar29-5Medway GC
John BolwellPar14-5Medway GC
Tom ByrnePar19-5Medway GC
David WeisserPar17-6Medway GC
Alex ManzellaPar10-6Medway GC
Rod SpicerPar12-6Medway GC
Wally HaddadPar13-6Medway GC
Lance NutterPar10-6Medway GC
Gavin AndersonPar10-6Medway GC
John BeyerPar17-6Medway GC
Paul BraybrookePar7-6Medway GC
Tim DrysdalePar2-6Medway GC
Matthew TofingaPar13-6Medway GC
Peter TripodiPar14-6Medway GC
Michael FinniganPar8-6Medway GC
Michael IbrahimPar10-7Medway GC
Graham CopePar11-7Medway GC
John DouglasPar20-7Medway GC
Stacie GullPar21-7Medway GC
Ian WhittonPar24-7Medway GC
Robert SummerhillPar6-7Medway GC
Rudi RodriguezPar9-7Medway GC
Max JepsenPar18-7Medway GC
John CarlandPar20-7Medway GC
Oliver NgoPar5-7Medway GC
Paul SchwartzPar3-7Medway GC
Colin GreyPar17-8Medway GC
Ben DysonPar8-8Medway GC
Brett TyrellPar15-8Medway GC
Chris LunnayPar10-8Medway GC
David Coughlan Par20-8Medway GC
Gary BlakePar17-8Medway GC
Darren Edgington Par20-8Medway GC
Bruce CollinsPar19-8Medway GC
Alan GhossaniPar11-8Medway GC
Adrian RodriguezPar2-8Medway GC
Angus HendersonPar23-9Medway GC
Ken HutchinsonPar34-9Medway GC
Phillip MarinucciPar16-9Medway GC
Broome ShawPar15-10Medway GC
Nick AbbingaPar11-10Medway GC
Allen HamillPar21-10Medway GC
Vince MargaritiPar17-12Medway GC
Paul DervanPar22-13Medway GC
Mark EganPar12-14Medway GC