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Friday 24 March 2017 - Sunday 26 March 2017

Golf Details

Four-ball Ambrose
1st ($80): Drambuie Crazy
2nd ($20): Stout Lovers
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Tee time: 12.30pm on the Presidents course
Handicap data based on 14 March 2017
Groups based on handicaps

Team: Drambuie Crazy (Handicap: 7.25)
Dave Shaw, Andrew Drake, Rudi Rodriguez, Robert Dimartino,
Team: Coke Enthusiasts (Handicap: 7.25)
Andrew Simeonidis, Graham Stusser, Fred Laverick, Harry O'Neill
Team: Protein Shake Addicts (Handicap: 7.125)
Boris Braini, James Margariti, Joe Desira, Nicholas Dimartino
Team: Wine Mad (Handicap: 7.25)
Rod Spicer, Lance NutterJeff Messer, Joseph Magazzu
Team: Stout Lovers (Handicap: 7.125)
Matt Cornell, John Damolis, Vince Margariti, Kevin Kirchner

Individual Stableford
1st ($60): Joseph Magazzu
2nd ($30): Graham Stusser
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Tee time: 9.00am on the Captains course
Slope rating for Captains Blue is 130

Group 1:
Jeff Messer, Joe Desira, Rudi Rodriguez, Harry O'Neill
Group 2:
James Margariti, Andrew Drake, Andrew Simeonidis, Joseph Magazzu
Group 3:
Graham Stusser, John Damolis, Fred Laverick, Kevin Kirchner
Group 4:
Matt Cornell, Lance Nutter, Robert Dimartino, Nicholas Dimartino
Group 5:
Dave Shaw, Vince Margariti, Boris Braini, Rod Spicer

1st ($60): Nicholas Dimartino
2nd ($30): Jeff Messer
3rd ($10): James Margariti
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Tee time: 8.00am on the Presidents course
Slope rating for Presidents Blue is 130
Groups to be based of leading scores

Overall Winners
1st ($60): Nicholas Dimartino
2nd ($30): James Margariti
3rd ($10): Harry O'Neill

Live Handicap Data

Course rating on both courses for Blue is 130

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