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Saturday 17 June 2017 - Friday 23 June 2017

Accommodation Groupings

Ground Floor
1 Margariti, Mollison, Beslis, Adrian Catania
2 Fraser, Webster, Simeonidis, 
3 Laszcz, Jamieson, Laverick 

Level Two
5 Spera, Ibrahim, Marinucci
6 Horwood, Magazzu, Damoilis
7 Drysdale, Goodie, Wulf, Manzella
8 Blake, Drake, O'Neill
9 Rodriguez A, Biffin, Goudie

Level Three
10 Desira, Kirchner, Hutchinson, Shaw
11 Kirk, Pattison, Buckley, Stusser
12 Rodriguez R, Messer, Margariti J, Summerhill

Paul Braybrooke's House
Braybrooke, Kepsner

Rules and Prizes

Rules and Money Distribution for daily and weekly events!!!
40 x $60 = Total Prize Money $2400

Ambrose Day $200 allocated Room Challenge Day $200
1st Place $100 or $50 each Winner take all or split accordinally 
2nd Place $60 or $30 each in the event of a tie
3rd Place $40 or $20 each

Individual Stableford Daily Event 
$200 allocated each day ($800 total)
1st Place $100
2nd Place $60
3rd Place $40

Individual Aggregate for week
$700 allocated
1st Place $400
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100

Pairs Aggregate for week
$500 allocated
1st Place $300
2nd Place $200

Rules incase of ties, don’t worry about it, I will look after it!!!

In the event that someone is ill, which readily occurs due to all the old pricks that
go away, the average daily stableford score for the day will apply.
Again, leave it to me you dumb pricks !!
This is for the aggregate pairs event mainly !

Ambrose Partner and Weekly Pairs

Buckley and Goodie
Patto and Biffin
Manzella and Magazzu
Messer and Fraser
Margariti V and Laverick
Drysdale and Desira
Ibrahim and O'Neill
Damolis and Jamieson
Beslis and Goudie
Kirk and Simmo
Summerhill and Mollison
Shaw and Horwood
Stusser and Webster
Laszcz and Blake
Wulf and Marrinucci
Kirchner and Braybrooke
Rodriguez A and Hutchy
Drake and Kepsner
Margariti J and Spera
Catania A and Rodriguez R

Golf Details

Sunday 18th June
Pambula Merimbula
Individual Stableford
View White 1-18 Slope Handicaps
View Blue 1-18 Slope Handicaps

Group 1: Buckley S, Messer J, Spera A, Pattison K
Group 2: Margariti J, Webster C, Biffin C, Laverick F
Group 3: Margariti V, Stusser G, Horwood R, Mollison D
Group 4: Ibrahim M, Goudie I, Damolis J, Drysdale T
Group 5: Beslis H, Simeonidis A, Rodriguez R, Blake B
Group 6: Kirk G, Summerhill R, Shaw D, Magazzu J
Group 7: Goodie M, Jamieson C, Laszcz J, Kirchner K
Group 8: Drake A, Braybrooke P, Manzella A, O'Neill H
Group 9: Kepsner A, Rodriguez A, Desira J, Fraser G
Group 10: Marrinucci P, Catania A, Hutchinson K, Wulf M

Monday 19th June
Eden Gardens
Individual Stableford
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Group 1: Buckley S, Fraser G, Catania A, Drysdale T
Group 2: Shaw D, Spera A, Drake A, Rodriguez A
Group 3: Stusser G, Goudie I, Summerhill R, Braybrooke P
Group 4: Goodie M, Pattison K, Biffin C, O'Neill H
Group 5: Simeonidis A, Blake B, Kirk G, Hutchinson K
Group 6: Rodriguez R, Messer J, Margariti V, Marrinucci P
Group 7: Ibrahim M, Wulf M, Beslis H, Laverick F
Group 8: Manzella A, Kepsner A, Mollison D, Kirchner K
Group 9: Horwood R, Desira J, Webster C, Laszcz J
Group 10: Jamieson C, Damolis J, Magazzu J, Margariti J

Tuesday 20th June
Tura Beach
Individual Stableford and Room Challenge Day
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Group 1: Margariti V, Mollison D, Beslis H, Catania A
Group 2: Fraser G, Webster C, Rodriguez A, Simeonidis A
Group 3: Laszcz J, Jamieson C, Blake B, Laverick F
Group 4: Spera A, Ibrahim M, Marinucci P, Biffin C
Group 5: Magazzu J, Horwood R, Margariti J, Damolis J
Group 6: Drysdale T, Goodie M, Wulf M, Manzella A
Group 7: Braybrooke P, Kepsner A, O'Neill H, Drake A
Group 8: Messer J, Summerhill R, Goudie I, Rodriguez R
Group 9: Desira J, Kirchner K, Shaw D, Hutchinson K
Group 10: Kirk G, Buckley S, Pattison K, Stusser G

Thursday 22nd June
Bega Golf Club
Individual Stableford
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Only 10 golf carts
Walking Groups 1 to 5
Groups 6 to 10 have carts !!!
Thanks to those who volunteered to walk ?? Ha Ha Ha Ha

Group 1: Buckley S, Margariti J, Drake A, Spera A
Group 2: Kirk G, Goodie M, Rodriguez A, Braybrooke P
Group 3: Blake B, Catania A, Summerhill R, Shaw D
Group 4: Margariti V, O'Neill H, Drysdale T, Biffin C
Group 5: Catania A, Ibrahim M, Wulf M, Beslis H
Group 6: Pattison K, Kirchner K, Messer J, Manzella A
Group 7: Rodriguez R, Goudie I, Mollinson D, Simionidis A
Group 8: Marrinucci P, Stusser G, Desira J, Kepsner A
Group 9: Horwood R, Laverick F, Hutchinson K, Magazzu J
Group 10: Damolis J, Laszcz J, Jamieson C, Webster C

Friday 23rd June
Pambula Merimbula
Ambrose Day

Group 1: Buckley S, Goodie M, Stusser G, Webster C
Group 2: Kirchner K, Braybrooke P, Hutchinson K, Rodriguez A
Group 3: Manzella A, Maggazzu J, Messer J, Fraser G
Group 4: Summerhill R, Mollinson D, Simieonidis A, Kirk G
Group 5: Laszcz J, Blake B, Ibrahim M, O'Neill
Group 6: Drake A, Kepsner A, Damolis J, Jamieson C
Group 7: Drysdale T, Desira J, Catania A, Rodriguez R
Group 8: Shaw D, Horwood R, Margariti V, Laverick F
Group 9: Biffin C, Pattison K, Beslis H, Goudie I
Group 10: Marrinucci P, Wulf M, Margariti J, Spera A