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Sunday 16 June 2019 - Friday 21 June 2019

Accommodation Groupings

Ground Floor 1: Vince, Mollison, Catania, Wood
Ground Floor 2: Fraser, Webster, Simeonidis, Spera
Ground Floor 3: Bell, Cope, Stevenson, Guigliemno
Level 2 Room 5: Bullen, Spicer, Barnard, Braybrook
Level 2 Room 6: Horwood, Magazzu, Jamieson, Brown
Level 2 Room 7: Manzella, Goodie, Wulf, Giammarco
Level 2 Room 8: A Rod, Drake, Braini, Drysdale
Level 2 Room 9: Goudie, Biffin, Gatehouse, Bermingham
Level 3 Room 10: Desira, Kirchner, Hutchinson, Shaw
Level 3 Room 11: Kirk, Pattison, Buckley, Stusser
Level 3 Room 12: Rudi, Messer, James, Summerhill


Collected $55 from everyone, making a total of $2420.
$200 has been allocated each stableford day.
$1000 has been allocated to the individual aggregate for the week.
$500 has been allocated to the room aggregate for the week.
$120 has been allocated to the ambrose day on Friday.

Individual Stableford Daily Event
1st Place - $100 / 2nd Place - $60 / 3rd Place - $40

Individual Aggregate for Week
1st Place - $400 / 2nd Place - $300 / 3rd Place - $200 / 4th Place - $100


Rules incase of ties, don’t worry about it, I will look after it!!! Note: Now listen too me you cockheads, when collecting and paying for carts, communicate with your playing partners an ensure only 2 do so. Its not hard ???
As I have said previously, money adds an interest for all, but don’t lose sight of what the week is about and that’s mates having a good time.

Golf Details

Game: Stableford
Course: Pambula Merimbula @ 10am
Shirt: 2019 Merimbula Shirt
Carts: All groups have carts
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Group 1: Buckley S, Messer J, Drake A, Horwood R
Group 2: Margariti J, Bullen B, Spera A, Birmingham K
Group 3: Margariti V, Spicer R, Stevenson G, Braybrooke P
Group 4: Drysdale T, Goudie I, Bell C, Pattison K
Group 5: Barnard P, Simeonidis A, Rodriguez R, Stusser G
Group 6: Cope G, Wood D, Shaw D, Magazzu J
Group 7: Catania A, Jamieson J, Braini B, Kirchner K
Group 8: Fraser G, Webster C, Manzella A, Biffin C
Group 9: Gatehouse A, Rodriguez A, Goodie M, Brown R
Group 10: Kirk G, Desira J, Giammarco M, Gugliemno S
Group 11: Wulf M, Summerhill R, Mollison D, Hutchinson K

Game: Stableford
Course: Eden Gardens @ 10am
Shirt: 2016 Merimbula Shirt (Black with white stripe)

Carts: All groups have carts
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Group 1: Buckley S, Barnard P, Catania A, Bullen B
Group 2: Shaw D, Gatehouse A, Pattison K, Rodriguez A
Group 3: Stusser G, Spera A, Summerhill R, Wulf M
Group 4: Goodie M, Margariti J, Fraser G, Stevenson G
Group 5: Simeonidis A, Braini B, Drake A, Desira J
Group 6: Rodriguez R, Gugliemno S, Kirchner K, Magazzu J
Group 7: Drysdale, Biffin C, Mollison D, Giammarco M
Group 8: Manzella A, Margariti V, Bell C, Webster C
Group 9: Goudie I, Birmingham K, Kirk G, Brown R
Group 10: Wood D, Jamieson J, Messer J, Hutchinson K
Group 11: Spicer R, Braybrooke P, Cope G, Horwood R

Game: Stableford
Course: Tura Beach @ 10am
Shirt: 2017 Merimbula Shirt (Navy blue with yellow stripe)
Carts: All groups have carts
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Group 1: Margariti V, Cope G, Jamieson J, Giammarco M
Group 2: Fraser G, Mollison D, Pattison K, Drysdale T
Group 3: Summerhill R, Buckley S, Goodie M, Biffin C
Group 4: Barnard P, Wood D, Messer J, Goudie I
Group 5: Magazzu J, Webster C, Rodriguez A, Braini B
Group 6: Brown R, Horwood R, Spera A, Bell C
Group 7: Braybrooke P, Drake A, Simionidis A, Kirk G
Group 8: Bullen B, Catania A, Wulf M, Gugliemno S
Group 9: Manzella A, Kirchner K, Stevenson G, Margariti J
Group 10: Spicer R, Shaw D, Gatehouse A, Stusser G
Group 11: Hutchinson K, Bermingham K, Desira J, Rodriguez R

Game: Stableford
Course: Bega @ 10am
Shirt: 2019 Merimbula Shirt
Carts: Walking groups are Group's 1 to 3, plus Drake and Alfy in Group 4.
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Group 1: Buckley S, Summerhill R, Drysdale T, Jamieson C
Group 2: Bullen B, Cope G, Rodriguez A, Braybrooke P
Group 3: Catania A, Margariti J, Gugliemno S, Shaw D
Group 4: Barnard P, Biffin C, Drake A, Spera A
Group 5: Goodie M, Spicer R, Stevenson G, Kirk G
Group 6: Margariti V, Brown R, Gatehouse A, Wood D
Group 7: Manzella A, Goudie I, Mollinson D, Simionidis A
Group 8: Giammarco M, Stusser G, Desira J, Fraser G
Group 9: Bermingham K, Bell C, Hutchinson K, Magazzu J
Group 10: Pattison K, Rodriguez R, Messer J, Webster C
Group 11: Kirchner K, Braini B, Horwood R, Wulf M

Game: Ambrose
Course: Pambula Merimbula @ 10am
Shirt: 2018 Merimbula Shirt (Blue with white stripes)
Carts: All groups have carts
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Group 1: Margariti V, Catania A, Mollison D, Wood D
Group 2: Fraser G, Webster C, Spera A, Simeonidis A
Group 3: Bell C, Stevenson G, Cope G, Gugliemno S
Group 4: Bullen B, Spicer R, Barnard P, Braybrooke P
Group 5: Horwood R, Jamieson J, Magazzu J, Brown R
Group 6: Goodie M, Giammarco M, Manzella A, Wulf M
Group 7: A Rodriguez, Braini B, Drake A, Drysdale T
Group 8: Goudie I, Gatehouse A, Biffin C, Birmingham K
Group 9: Desira J, Shaw D, Kirchner K, Hutchinson K
Group 10: Kirk G, Buckley S, Pattison K, Stusser G
Group 11: Messer J, Margariti J, Summerhill R, Rodriguez R

Overall Winners
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1st - $400
2nd - $300
3rd - $200
4th - $100

The Whisperer's Thought's - Form Guide

Room 1 The Factory Dean, Adrian, Vince, Woody
Anything you want, you can get in this room ? Have won the room challenge previously, but there is one person in the room who could bring them down. OK, I'm going to say it is Woody.
Dean is a previous winner of The Ace of Spades and he expects that status to flow into his room, Vinnie does everything, Adrian provides the fish, but he may have truth is he buys it from Hutchy, the King of Tura Surf Beach. Will Woody provide the spark, nah, useless.
He will soon have a higher handicap than Stacie
15/1, outside chance this year.

Room 2 The Retirement Village Garry, Clem, Alf, Simmo
Combined age of 1024 years, with Alf the youngest at 68, this is the only room where Joe has had to ensure not only carts each day but walking frames for them to get around as well.
Dementia is prevelant in this room, Garry and Clem argue all the time about something from 1935, apparently someone owes a shilling, fuck me, poor pricks.
Simmo and Alf are raving on about Collingwood's last premiership, totally effected by the trauma of previous years. Arguments are plentyful in the room, I think its because they get their tablets mixed up, it’s a nightmare.
Can they win the Room Challenge for the week ? Nah, no hope, brain dead!!
99/1 Fucked !!

Room 3 Liquorice All Sorts Copey, Sebastian, Belly, Gav
Copey’s up to no good, this stands out like a sting from his professional running days ? Sebastian is meant to be gun, yeh we will see, have fun on the greens.
Don’t know much about Gav and Belly, I will be an interested observer, but I’m sure it will be a sombre room at night.
If you want to get a room bet on, I’m tipping this is the one?
Not likely 66/1

Room 5 The Newby's The Newby's Paul, Barny, Brent, Rod
Newby's except one and Paul has his work cut out keeping this mob on track !!!
Rod is steady, but being in a room with a raving lunatic (Barny) is the testing material.
I'm sure Brent will go with the flow, but that could be his problem, flowing it will be, especially if Barny gets it his way. Cant see this room getting close in The Room Challenge, but Paul has been a winner previously, but its going to take a stellar effort getting these blokes on the job. Going to have issues getting them out of bed on a daily basis.
Probably this years whipping boys, so easy pickings for an easy meal as a bet over the week?
Got no hope 200/1

Room 6 The Restaurant John, Joe, Rick, Browny
These fuckers could win, Rick is a previous winner of the Ace of Spades, John and Joe are consistent and then throw in new recruit Browny, not much known about him.
My problem, are they the Darren Weir Stable of this trip, definitely not using prodders, but you have to ask what Joe feeds these pricks. Rick's rounds to win a few years ago had tongues wagging especially of that handicap. Give me a break ??
John always seems to win everything, you all know what I mean ??
And now we have Browny, the Accountant, they always make everything stack their way ??
5/1 Keep a close eye on this lot, shifty as shithouse rats.

Room 7 The Coodabeens "Not" Goodie, Alex, Wulfy, Maurice
Cant really recommend this room as a potential winner of The Room Challenge.
Rumblings amongst themslves about cooking, cleaning, shopping instead of concerntrating on golf is the catilist of their demise. Captain Mick runs the room like a prison, don’t do this, don’t do that, fuck, no wonder Alex wants out.
He and Maurice are quite obviously in conflict, basically about who controls the kitchen. And then you throw in Wulfy, has a little problem with the number 21, cant get past it in stableford points. He cost them badly in the wash up with their room bet against Patto's mob. I think Goodie has thoughts of fucking him off if he dosent fire this year. Overall, a fish always rots at the head first, just saying ??
33/1 Cant win, play worse than girls, act like them as well.

Room 8 Tim, Drakey, Adrian, Boris
I think this room are good things, can’t see them losing. Pretty good all round team, experienced and talented, just perfect for the week.
Boris is a late inclusion, but he fits this room nicely, Tim will be solid, Adrian is playing great golf and Drakey is consistent.
It will be a brave room that takes them on with a bet!!!
Shit in 7/4

Room 9 The Snoozers Ian, Alan, Kel, Biff
The only thing that will be good for Biff is, he will get watch what he wants on TV each night, the others will be snoring their heads off.
Can they figure in The Room Challenge ?? If they utilise their handicaps and stay out of trouble, may be ??
Kel is solid, Gatey has good ones every now and again and Ian has enough experience on the trip, so has to lift. Biff is the standout performer, come close in The Ace of Clubs, so he has to get the others up. That wont be a problem in the morning, they will all up at the crack of dawn.
May have a chance, I'm basically trying to be nice !!!
99/1 Nah !!!

Room 10 Shifty's Kirch, Joe, Hutchy, Dave
Outsiders with a chance, got the handicaps, experience, room with a view and their as shifty as it gets.
Dave looks after the old boys nicely, making sure their tablets are laid out each day, plus washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking and anything else that room captain Kirch demands. He even withdraws their pension out of the bank on the Thursday ??
Hutchy is a champ, loves his stableford and can have his blinders, anyone looking for a morning work out, please feel free to join Hutchy, you may get a shock. Joe is either good or bad, no grey with him, hopefully he dosent have to deal with stupidity from others in upsetting his week of golf. Think of him !!!!!!!
Kirch has a new swing, now starting to draw the ball, it only swings 30 meters from left to right rather than 60 meters. Could be dangerous, yeh sure ???
66/1 Not this year, as a matter of fact, probably never !!!

Room 11 The Nice guys Stuss, Patto, Kirky, Bucks
Stuss, Patto and Bucks are very happy that their bitch is back, couldn’t give a rats about the golf, its all about Kirky. Just sit back and watch him do everything except wipe our arses. We put that in our log of claims, but he rejected that based on seeing Patto's jocks when washing them.
Star cook Stuss has a couple of new recipees this year, cant wait for that ???
Patto has already put in an order for Tim Tams, waste of fucking time, always falls asleep.
Bucks will lead his stable to victory again, we don’t envisage any issues with the rabble from Room 7.
Definitely a chance if Bucks gets the support from the other dickheads in the room.
12/1 Not out of it, lift you freeloaders, stop expecting Bucks to do everything !!

Room 12 May be, may be nots !! Rudi, Mess, Robbie, James
Chance if they all click ? There's are few issues though and James isnt one of them. This stable is the party room and many a long hour has been spent by many.
That’s their downfall and hangovers are common on many a morning which normally leads to their demise ? Robbie is the standout player and he also has a few new comers for his bag of tricks. That will be entertaining ?
Mess is playing quite well and taking pretty good form with him, but there is a big question mark hanging his nights activities ? Rudi will be asleep on the couch at 7.30pm, no issues with him, just his room mates trying to sleep when gets up at 4 bells every morning.
Can they win, yeh, maybe, possibly, nah, actually don’t know, not seeing it ??
16/1 Good value