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Friday 27 March 2015 - Sunday 29 March 2015

Golf Details

On Friday the game will be Four-ball Stableford, first place will recieve $40 each and second will recieve $10 each.
On Saturday and Sunday the game will be Stableford, first place will recieve $70, second place will recieve $20 and third place will recieve $10.
The overall scores will include all three rounds of golf and prizes will follow $70, $20, $10.

Friday Groups

Four-ball Stableford, teams sorted by handicaps, worst with best.
First place: $40 each Second Place: $10 each
Tea Time: 1:45pm
Parakeet vs Cockatoo
Matt Cornell / Brent Bullen
Stephen Buckley / Kevin Kirchner
Parrot vs Eagle
Rudi Rodriguez / Vince Margariti
Jan Laszcz / Greg Gregory
Finch vs Woodpecker
Boris Braini / Mick Goodie
Rodney Brown / Fred Laverick
Lorikeet vs Penguin
Andrew Simeonidis / Graham Stusser
Lance Nutter / Alan Thornton
Albatross vs Goose
Gavin Wright / Rod Spicer
James Margariti / George Shegedyn