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Sunday 27 September 2015 - Sunday 27 September 2015
Unit 1 Brock Summerhill Cole
Unit 2 Rodriguez Bozinov Kokot
Unit 3 Simeonidis Brown
Unit 4 Braybrooke Kepsner
Unit 5 Margariti Allison
Unit 6 Magazzu Desira
Unit 7 Smart Sprakel
Unit 8 E O'Hagan S O'Hagan
Unit 9 Goodie Drysdale
Unit 10 Gregory Laszcz
Unit 11 Shegadyn Kirchner
Unit 12 Buckley Messer Spicer
Unit 13 Laverick Fraser O'Neil
Unit 14 Celantano Kirk Bullen
Unit 15 Sicari Catania
Unit 20 Goudie Webster J Margariti
Unit 21 Heagney Stusser Zappulla

Golf Details

On Friday the game will be Four-ball Ambrose, and the winning team recieves $50 each.
On Saturday and Sunday the game will be Stableford, first place will recieve $70, second place will recieve $40 and third place will recieve $30.
There is also a nearest to the pin on the 10th and 18th both days, winners will recieve $15, and two seperate prices for A and B grades. (A Grade is 1 - 12 and B Grade is 13 and above)
The overall scores will include all three rounds of golf and prizes will follow $120, $70, $30.

Friday Groups

Four-ball Ambrose
First place: $50 each
Tea Time: 11:30am

Saturday Groups

First place: $70 each
Second place: $40 each
Third place: $30 each

Closest to the pin for A and B grades
(A Grade 1 - 12 and B Grade 13 above)
$15 for each winner
Tea Time: 8:00am



Adding golf score links. Scores will be added during the night
Friday Scores
Saturday Scores
Sunday Scores