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Friday 1 April 2016 - Sunday 3 April 2016

Golf Details

Two-ball Ambrose
1st ($80): Rudi/Goodie
2nd ($40): Cornell/Kirchner
3rd ($20): Brown/Margariti & Shaw/Darcy
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Tee time: 1.00pm on the Presidents course
Handicaps based on GA as of 29/03/2016
Groups based on handicaps, highs with lows

Group: Geriatric
Bob Toal and Allan Pipe (Handicap 7.4)
Dave Shaw and Darcy Duggan (Handicap 7.925)

Group: Feeble
Boris Braini and Paul Zapullo (Handicap 6.95)
Matt Cornell and Kevin Kirchner (Handicap 6.525)

Group: Lethargic
Stephen Buckley and Joe Desira (Handicap 6)
Rodney Brown and Vince Margariti (Handicap 5.925)

Group: Incontinent
James Margariti and Joe Magazzu (Handicap 5.975)
Rudi Rodriguez and Mick Goodie (Handicap 5.975)

Group: Senile
Andrew Simeonidis and Fred Laverick (Handicap 5.975)
George Shegedyn and Graham Stusser (Handicap 5.725)

Group: Lifeless
Rod Spicer and Phil Allison (Handicap 5.725)
Chris Jamieson and Lance Nutter (Handicap 5.5)

Individual Stableford
1st ($80): Stusser/Shegedyn
2nd ($30): James/Bob/Magazzu
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Tee time: 9.00am on the Captains course
Slope rating for Captains Blue is 130
Group 1:
Boris Braini, Rod Spicer, Allan Pipe, Mick Goodie
Group 2:
Rudi Rodriguez, Fred Laverick, Stephen Buckley, Lance Nutter
Group 3:
Vince Margariti, James Margariti, Paul Zapullo, Andrew Simeonidis
Group 4:
Graham Stusser, Bob Toal, Rodney Brown, Matt Cornell
Group 5:
Darcy Duggan, Kevin Kirchner, Phil Allison, Joe Desira
Group 6:
Chris Jamieson, Dave Shaw, George Shegedyn, Joe Magazzu

1st ($70): Phil
2nd ($20): Stusser
3rd ($10): James/Desira
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Tee time: 9.00am on the Presidents course
Slope rating for Presidents Blue is 130
Groups to be based of leading scores
Group 1:
Matt Cornell, Fred Laverick, Allan Pipe, Darcy Duggan
Group 2:
Kevin Kirchner, Andrew Simeonidis, Rod Spicer, Rudi Rodriguez
Group 3:
Vince Margariti, Joe Desira, Stephen Buckley, Paul Zapullo
Group 4:
Boris Braini, Chris Jamieson, Rodney Brown, Mick Goodie
Group 5:
Dave Shaw, Lance Nutter, Phil Allison, James Margariti
Group 6:
Bob Toal, Joe Magazzu, George Shegedyn, Graham Stusser

Overall Winners
Phil and Stusser both on 73 Stableford points for Saturday and Sunday, Phil had a better Two-Ball Ambrose score on Friday declaring him the winner. Stuss for second. James on 71 points for third.
1st ($70): Phil
2nd ($20): Stusser
3rd ($10): James

Handicap Data

Handicap data based on 29/03/2016
Both course ratings on blue tees is 130

First Name Last Name GA Handi Course Handi
Bob Toal 3.3 4
David Shaw 5.8 7
Boris Braini 5.9 7
Matt Cornell 6.1 7
Stephen Buckley 7.1 8
Rodney Brown 7.8 9
James Margariti 8.3 10
Rudi Rodriguez 8.5 10
Andrew Simeonidis 9.6 11
George Shegedyn 10.4 12
Rod Spicer 10.8 12
Chris Jamieson 11 13
Lance Nutter 11 13
Phil Allison 12.1 14
Graham Stusser 12.5 14
Fred Laverick 14.3 16
Mick Goodie 15.4 18
Joseph Magazzu 15.6 18
Vince Margariti 15.9 18
Joe Desira 16.9 19
Kevin Kirchner 20 23
Paul Zappulla 21.9 25
Darcy Duggan 25.9 30
Allan Pipe 26.3 30
Live Handicap Data

Course rating on both courses for Blue is 130

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